BernCarte Pharma’s mission is to provide ethically-sourced and cost-effective pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals in the US and abroad.  With the manufacturer’s authorization, BernCarte Pharma is able to provide global pharmaceutical distributor services to healthcare markets worldwide.

 BernCarte Pharma is a state of Illinois licensed wholesale drug distributor.  We serve to offer complete healthcare solutions, domestic and abroad.

Global Pharmaceutical Solution



BernCarte Pharma is committed to promoting positive change and development among secondary pharmaceutical distributors.  We are committed to setting, meeting, and surpassing the highest standards as a secondary pharmaceutical supplier, as we work to become a primary wholesaler.  Through our relentless dedication to transparency, integrity, and exceptional service, we are confident that we will earn your trust.

Our company understands the importance of our role in drug supply chain security.  For this reason, we keep detailed records of every single transaction from start to finish.  Our records are updated in real-time and are immediately available as needed or requested by our primary wholesaler, governing bodies, and manufacturing partners.  We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity because we believe these values to be the way to a better and safer future for our industry and for the patients.


Our standard operating procedures have built-in checks and balances that ensure supply chain integrity by minimizing (and eventually eliminating), the opportunity for diversion and by maximizing overall drug supply chain security.  BernCarte Pharma is fully compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s roll-out implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.  As distributors, we all have a responsibility to the public as the public puts their trust in us to make responsible choices under the impression that public safety is the industry’s number one priority.  Let’s do better, together.  Click here to email us now or call us at +1 (630)296-9296.

Core Values

BernCarte Pharma, LLC is foundationally based on the core values of transparency and integrity.  We will always be diligent in carrying out our responsibilities to the public, especially in ensuring the authenticity of drugs and their accompanying documents, as well as exhibiting discernment with whom we conduct business.

Our Core Values are what govern us and we work hard to demonstrate these values in each and every interaction.

Our Promise

Our clients feel confident in BernCarte Pharma’s Promise of Integrity, which means that we will only offer products from reliable and reputable sources and that those products are quality and authentic medicines; always in their original packaging, never adulterated.


A few words from our CEO

BernCarte Pharma, LLC is a privately-held, family-owned and operated company.  Our business model gives us the freedom to provide the best client experience.  Being family-owned and operated means that we are on the ground floor overseeing each and every shipment to ensure that product integrity is intact, supply chain security is upheld, and that waste is minimized in an effort to provide the most cost-effective products to our clients. 

Through our extensive network, we are able to provide a wide range of branded, generic, and specialty pharmaceuticals including, but not limited to, oncology medicines and therapies, antivirals, vaccines, antidotes, emergency preparedness products, and many more.  These are available to us in various forms and presentations including, but not limited to, injections, tablets, caplets, oral solutions, solids for oral suspension, and more.  With direct and express permission from the manufacturer we are able to offer and provide these critical medicines to those in need outside of the U.S.  We serve hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, specialty importers, and other license holders, where applicable and permitted.  Click here to email us now about our global pharmaceutical healthcare distributor services or call us at +1 (630)296-9296.  Thank you for allowing our family to serve yours.