About us


BernCarte Pharma is a state of Illinois licensed wholesale drug distributor.  BernCarte Pharma’s mission is to provide ethically-sourced and cost-effective pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical supplies, and durable medical equipment to healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals.

core values

BernCarte Pharma, LLC is foundationally based on the core values of transparency, integrity, and service.  Service can be broken down into two categories: exceptional customer service for our clients and responsible public service as our inherent duty as a licensed wholesale drug distributor.  We will always be diligent in carrying out our responsibilities to the public, especially in ensuring the authenticity of drugs and their accompanying documents, as well as exhibiting discernment with whom we conduct business. 

Our Core Values are what govern us and we work hard to demonstrate these values in each and every interaction. 




Our clients feel confident in BernCarte Pharma’s Promise of Integrity, which means that we will only offer products from reliable and reputable sources and that those products are quality and authentic medicines; always in their original packaging, never adulterated.  



BernCarte Pharma is working to become licensed in key states.  We are also committed to promoting positive change and development among pharmaceutical distributors.  We are committed to meeting and surpassing the highest standards as a wholesale drug distributor.

Our company understands the importance of our role in drug supply chain security.  For this reason, we keep detailed records of every single transaction from start to finish.  Our records are updated in real-time and are immediately available to authorized parties.  We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity because we believe these values to be the way to a better and safer future for our industry and, most importantly, for the patient.


Our standard operating procedures have built-in checks and balances that ensure supply chain integrity by minimizing (and eventually eliminating), the opportunity for diversion and by maximizing overall drug supply chain security.  BernCarte Pharma is fully compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s roll-out implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.  As distributors, we all have a responsibility to the public.  The public puts their trust in us to make responsible choices on their behalf under the impression that public safety is the industry’s number one priority.  Let’s do better, together.  Click here to email us now or call us at (630)296-9296. 



BernCarte Pharma is a state of Illinois licensed wholesale drug distributor.  We distribute pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical supplies, and durable medical equipment to healthcare facilities and professionals in Illinois.  We remain knowledgeable of the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act roll-out and implementation plan.




BernCarte Pharma provides a wide range of branded and generic prescription pharmaceuticals; including injections, tabs/caps, oral solutions, oncology therapies, and vital antivirals. Aside from prescription drugs, we also provide over-the-counter medicines, nutraceuticals, and vitamins/supplements.  We serve a variety of healthcare facilities and professionals in a number of fields.  Questions?  Please call us at (630)296-9296 or email us at hello@berncarte.com.




Medical/Surgical supply & DME

We offer a variety of medical/surgical supplies and durable medical equipment.  A few of the specialties we provide medical supplies for include dentistry, orthodontics, optometry, women’s health, and many more!  We are consistently adding new partners so if you don’t see what you need here, feel free to ask us by calling (630)296-9296 or emailing us at hello@berncarte.com.  Send us your request and we will send you our best offer. 





Our strategic partnerships allow us to serve clients in a variety of ways.  We can provide individualized services as long as the request falls within our Core Values.  Feel free to contact us with your consulting needs.  Call us at (630)296-9296 or email us at hello@berncarte.com